Happy New Year from Monaco! [Not really]


Resolutions are sexy but flaky

It’s so seductive to say to yourself: Self, on January 1st we’re going to change our life! We’re going to quit our job and follow our passion of being a professional tightrope walker, all while intermittently fasting, taking a social media break, and having a sober January!

I wanna think that I have it in me to do something this dramatic. However, I’ve found it to be more effective to already be doing something in December that you want to do more in January. It gives you some practice and a head start.

I made the resolution to blog more. At least a few times a month. And here we are nearing the end of January and this is my first post of 2019. So, as we say every year: better luck next year, you sexy bitch!

Vying against my friend J Ho for the title of Queen of Philadelphia

And life is hard

Things that are standing in my way of blogging more: my life. My husband is traveling for work and I’m solo parenting two small children, which means that we’re all just kinda getting by. He normally does the cooking, so it’s In-N-Out burgers and Trader Joe’s microwave dinners over here. No shame in my microwave game.

Resolution #2: Take an adult tap class. This came after the inspiring ice skating videos from Jonathon Van Ness (Instagram: @jvn #jvnskates).

But first, let me be clear that I’m not looking for sympathy for taking care of my own children for a finite amount of time when other people do this all the time. For about 6 years before my mom met my stepdad, she was a single parent. My grandma was in her 30s when I was born (teen mom!) and lived nearby, so my mom had a lot more help than most. But I do know that it was hard for her. So hard that she never had any other children because she was always afraid that she’d end up taking care of them alone.

My best friend’s resolution is to get back into horseback riding. Tap dancing and horseback riding. We’re basically 10-year-old girls living in 1975.

I’m also not trying to be a whiner. I got this. And it’s important that my children see me getting it. What I am trying to be is a hater.

But Monaco is pretty

So, let’s take a look at some pictures from my husband’s trip to Monaco, shall we? 

And kinda interesting

I know very little about Monaco, having never been there myself. But my husband said it’s a big money place. Like, a 900 square foot condo for the equivalent of $3.2 million kind of place. And the type of place with yachts. And luxury cars. And banks everywhere. 


According to Monaco’s official (?) website, Monaco is the second smallest nation in the world, just after Holy See. The entire country is about the size of Central Park—499 acres—meaning you can walk from one side of the country to the other in about an hour.

WTF is Holy See?

To my husband’s point, Monaco has the third most expensive real estate in the world at $69,700/m2 in 2011. It’s a good thing, then, that it’s considered one of the safest countries in the world. I guess you get what you pay for???


Gambling is legal, and Monaco has been home to the Monaco Grand Prix since 1929. (All that comes to mind is Francesco Bernoulli from Disney’s Cars 2. Parents know what I’m talkin’ about.)

The Grimaldi family has ruled Monaco since 1297, and Prince Albert II is currently the Head of State. Grace Kelly (RIP) became the Princess of Monaco in 1956 after marrying Prince Rainier III. Philly represent!

What did we learn, friends?

  • That Monaco is small and expensive.
  • That hard stop-and-go resolutions rarely work, but easing into things might work better.
  • That taking care of children is hard, and taking care of them alone is harder.
  • That even rich people have to deal with graffiti (see below).


So, happy new(ish) year, everyone. (And a sincere acknowledgment of MLK day.) Honey, if you’re reading this, I’m not mad. But a gift from the road would make me less of a hater. 

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Monaco! [Not really]

    1. Who’s ever heard it called that? I’ve even been there and didn’t know it was called that. This is some kind of insider info…


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