Life of Lezure is about finding style & leisure in everyday life.

Beauty’s where you find it;
not just where you bump and grind it.

Serving California style with European-inspired humor, Life of Lezure is a bit of vintage soul in these modern times.

About the writer

me_colorLife of Lezure is written by me (April)mother, wife, San Diegan, leopard-print enthusiast, and lover of interior design. Personal motto: there’s no such thing as too many throw pillows.

I created this blog as a way to share ideas about enriching our lives and our looks. 

In my career, I’ve lectured on improving the work wardrobe. Dressing like you’re worth the money you want to be paid. And respecting yourself outwardly so that others will do the same.

I’ve also given lectures on feng shui. I’m into organizing—everything must have a place!—and home décor in a way that promotes creativity.

But we’re all so damn busy. So let’s slow our roll, slip into something a little more interesting, and discuss our love for home goods!

Live long and leisurely,