Appraisals – Appraisals, which are needed for third-party jewelry insurance, can be added to your order for an additional fee. Please contact us to chat more about it and for pricing.

Authenticity Guarantee – All items sold on this site have been evaluated by Gemological Institute of America (GIA)-certified Graduate Gemologist jewelers for authenticity. Details are disclosed in the product description. Please contact us to chat more any item listed on our site.

Custom Work – In some cases, we can create a custom item for you. Please contact us to chat more about it.

Ethics & Sustainability – Because most of our jewelry is vintage or pre-owned, we lessen our carbon footprint by not engaging in the refinery process and creating new jewelry. Instead, we repurpose when we can. We also choose recycled materials for packing and shipping whenever possible. We like our glamour with a side of sustainability.

Female Owned & Operated – Our goal is to cater to women, not dictate trends. We don’t like being told what to do, and we bet you don’t either. (However, if you just want our advice, we’ll totally tell you what to do—from a place of love, of course.)

Investment – Fine jewelry is an investment you can wear and enjoy for years to come, then pass on as an heirloom. It takes up very little space and can yield high returns. Our aim is to sell items that will appreciate in value over time. Not fast and cheap; good and time tested (mother approved).

Limited Time Availability – Some products feature an “available until” date, which means they are only available for sale until that date. If something catches your eye, don’t delay. Most of what you see are one-of-a-kind items.